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About Us

Our company was established in 1994 in the city of Cologne, Germany and speaks the markets of the Turkey, Arabia, the Balkans, the Mediterranean and Germany. As a wholesaler, we offer carefully chosen ones Products to our customers. Besides the well-known brands of the retail trade We put our OWN brands, consisting of high quality and tasteful products, on your shelves.

Within the framework of our project "PRODUCTION IN A HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT, HEALTHY NUTRITION FOR CONSUMERS "we offer both as producer as well as supplier our on the productive Soil of Anatolia, to our citizens living in Germany And to people from other countries.

According to our company vision, we will continue to increase the quality of life of our fellow human beings. Therefore Our products are produced in healthy,  sustainable and with a traceable product safety Company. Our brand "Mis Anadolum" for dry products and legumes, "Eylül" with pickled vegetables, "Sütüm" for milk products and "Baharim" with spices with unique We have been bringing flavor together with the consumers for years and have the goal to achieve this goal This area into an even more demanding condition.

For us, a safe and healthy contact with our retail customers and suppliers lies with us Turkey and from different countries. With the conception "appreciation of people" We strive to develop our criteria "HYGIENE, ENVIRONMENT, NATURE, HEALTHY PRODUCTION, HEALTHY NUTRITION, QUALITY AND TASTE "and will continue to be your satisfaction Quality of life.